< 21

So, you can’t get into 21+ plus shows yet . . . that doesn’t mean you can’t rock out and make a difference. The way YOU want to.

LIVEFEED < 21 PROGRAMS ARE EASY TO BRING TO ANY HIGH SCHOOL OR COLLEGE CAMPUS. Check out what we have to offer and email us at team@livefeed.com to let us know what interests you.

If you’re keen but don’t see something that fits you exactly, give us a hollar anyway. We’re always looking for ways to expand and you might be on to something.

Battle of the Cans

LiveFeed’s alternative to the predictable high school or college concert is the LiveFeed Battle of the Cans.  These events, coordinated in partnership with school administrators, allow students to:

• Gain local exposure for their bands (with winners reaching regional audiences)
• Learn what it takes to promote and manage musical events
• Organize and manage charitable donations
• Put something cool and unique on college or grad school applications


LiveFeed Campus Team

Want to create a school club that literally rocks? We’re here to help you do just that.  Here’s what you can do:

• Plan or assist in planning LiveFeed events on your campus
• Get your favorite school band on-campus gigs and exposure
• Recruit other students to join the team
• Promote and attend Livefeed events
• Wear a wicked cool LiveFeed T-shirt


LiveFeed Scout

Who’s more local than you? At LiveFeed we are always looking for local bands who are out to make a difference in their communities. But we can’t be everywhere. A Livefeed scout is someone who LOVES live music and is already actively seeking out awesome, local bands. If you hear a great new band, tell them about us and get their permission to share their music and 411 with us. If we’re a match, you’ll get a bi-line on our Recently Scouted page (coming soon).