The SoundBites Project is a fist pumping, head bobbing, everybody wins inspiration fest that  marries good local music and a great cause! It is hip, with heart.

It’s simple. LiveFeed musicians donate a song and we create a CD with 10 great local tunes. Fans can pick up a copy of the CD at shows, or at a participating retailer, or download the tunes from our site and discover new local music. Meanwhile the proceeds from the CD will fill a backpack full of food for a child who wouldn’t otherwise eat for the weekend.

Musicians get a simple but very effective way to get their music out to a wide audience and give back to their community. Fans get to discover a variety of local bands and do a serious Good Deed for about the price of a beer. Hungry kids in our town get backpacks full of food and a much better chance at success in their lives.

Do you want to participate, volunteer or become a sponsor? Email


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